Hi, I am genuinely thrilled that you’ve stopped by! My name is Maureen. I am the wife of a beautiful soul who I will refer to as pod, and Mommy to my smart, cute, adorable son. (Pea)


My blog is about creating quick, easy, flavorful, family-friendly meals found around the world. Food has the power to unite people. When we come together and prepare food, we create a beautiful, diverse community. This blog is designed for the everyday home cook with an adventurous palate who doesn’t mind venturing out of the norm. The majority of my posts will be quick and easy meals, so be sure to check the tags or category as you browse my website.

Now that we’ve gotten all the formalities out of the way let’s chat!


Maureen Celestine



I was raised in a family of six in Nigeria and began cooking at the age of twelve. Mom and Dad were my first teachers. My late father was a professional chef to a French ambassador, and my lovely mother made sure my sisters and I were always present while she cooked. We were like her cleaning crew. We would run around the kitchen, grabbing whatever she wanted, clean up all the mess, and set the table before we ate. Like every other eight or ten years old, we grumbled and frowned every time. Mom would smile and hit you with the “you girls will thank me later.” Boy was she right!


My parents didn’t entirely inspire my love for intercontinental dishes. As I’ve traveled and lived in different parts of the world, a piece of each country has remained in my heart.


I am a self-proclaimed OCD gal, maybe one of the reasons it took me so long to start this blog. In addition to cooking, I am passionate about home decor and so much more. I’d chose to lounge with family while enjoying a slice of anything chocolatey over a night out or the movies.


I was a beauty pageant contestant in Switzerland. I ventured into modeling and acting, but that didn’t quite work out as intended. I was in my third year in nursing school when I decided to take a break; I hope to finish my bachelors in nursing soon.


I am the executor, photographer, partial tester, stylist, and errand girl for this blog. Every so often, my son photobombs my shoot with his itty bitty hands trying to grab whatever he can get, so it’s safe to say he is my hand model.


Maureen Celestine


So, my goal here is to create and publish recipes from around the world that are tried and tested by my team and I. Trust; we have wild taste buds. You, your family, friends, colleagues, and even enemies (I think there is always one lurking) will not only love these recipes but will be inspired to prepare them countless times. Hopefully, some of these will become staples in your home.


Now that you’ve gotten to know me, I would love to hear from you. Please don’t get shy on me, let’s connect!


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** Disclaimer: Some of the recipes might be modified to suit my taste. I am in no way trying to take away from a particular culture’s tradition. In the event some ingredients are not readily available where I reside, I will substitute for something similar or leave it out if it will make a big difference. Thanks for your understanding.

Peace & Love