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This anchovy pizza recipe is creamy, crunchy around the edges, and it’s full of umami goodness. Simple and effective, pizza night has never been better. 

Anchovy on a pizza is something for daredevils, thanks to its salty flavor. So when you plan on putting it on pizza, be careful about the ingredients that complement the anchovy and make its flavor pop. You might have tried several anchovy pizzas, but the one I’m going to share with you today is by far the best anchovy pizza recipe! Yeah, I said it 🙂


a pan of anchovy pizza


Before we delve into the anchovy pizza recipe, let’s talk pizza dough. 


Which yeast is best for pizza dough?


Yeast is the most crucial element of the dough-making process. You will find two types of yeast in the market, i.e.,


  • Active dry yeast: it is the most widely used type of yeast. The thing with active dry yeast is that you can’t add it to the dough directly. Instead, you have to work with it to “bloom” or “activate” it. For that, you have to add warm water to a cup. Then, measure it as per the instructions of the yeast pack. Next, add the yeast and let it sit. Next, add a teaspoon of sugar and stir a few times. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to activate yeast properly. 


  • Instant yeast: also known as rapid rise yeast, is another type that is most commonly used. That’s because it doesn’t require activation at all. Instead, you can put it directly from the pack to the dough.


How to make pizza dough with active dry yeast?


Process of making pizza dough


As you know, pizza dough is the main element of a pizza. If your dough is not right, the toppings won’t do any good. Luckily, I have a pizza dough recipe that is easy to make, and it yields the perfect pizza crust. 


Because I am using active dry yeast, you must bloom it first. 


First, combine the dry ingredients-  Combine flour, garlic powder, Italian seasonings, and salt in a large mixing bowl. 


Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients bowl, add extra virgin olive oil and activated yeast, and start kneading. Kneading by hand might take 30-40 minutes, depending on your arm strength. If you are not cut out for the arm workout, knead the dough in your stand mixer fitted with a “dough” attachment. You are welcome!


Process of making pizza dough


The amount of water I used was perfect, but if you find yours is a little dry, add additional water, a tablespoon at a time, until you get the right consistency. 


Grease a clean bowl with EVOO and rest the kneaded dough in the bowl. Wrap with cling film. Let it rest in a warm place so that the dough can rise to perfection.


I am trying my hardest not to make this a lengthy post, so check out more details in the recipe card below.


What goes on anchovy pizza?


anchovy pizza toppings


Anchovy pizza is made specifically with anchovy fillets, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Here is a list of some complementary toppings for the anchovy pizza, and these make the taste pop.


  • Cheese: No pizza is complete without cheese. Mozzarella cheese is a perfect choice for anchovy pizza. Hello! Anchovy white pizza.


  • Capers: The tangy, saltish, and floral taste of capers compliments anchovy perfectly well. Be frugal with the capers seeing as it is equally salty.


  • Olives: You can use either black or green olives. They not only bring color but also adds tons of flavors to the pizza.


  • Cherry tomatoes: cherry tomatoes are small and a more concentrated version of regular tomatoes. These are delicious and add tons of flavor to the anchovy pizza.


  • Onion: my preference is the red/purple onion 


  • Sweet peppers: Like cherry tomatoes, these scrumptious peppers adds colors and subtly sweet flavor to the homemade pizza.


  • Oregano: If you want a peppery flavor to the pizza, oregano is a good choice. You can use either fresh or dried herbs. I used it for the pizza dough recipe.


  • Chili flakes: Bring heat to the pizza, sprinkle red chili flakes on top right before serving, and enjoy. 

If you are hosting a pizza night and decide to give this white anchovy pizza recipe a spin, it tastes exceptionally great when paired with a tall glass of martini


a slice of anchovy pizza


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anchovy veggie pizza
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This anchovy pizza recipe is creamy, crunchy around the edges, and it’s full of umami goodness. Simple and effective, pizza night has never been better. 
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Brunch, Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine: American, Italian
Keyword: anchovy pizza, anchovy pizza recipe, anchovy recipes, summer, white pizza recipe
Servings: 12 " pizza
Author: Maureen Celestine


  • Oven
  • Pizza stone or pizza pan
  • stand mixer (optional)



Anchovy Pizza topping


For the pizza dough:

  • Combine the water and salt in a mixing bowl, stir. Add the dry yeast, and give the bowl a stir. Cover with a kitchen towel and allow the yeast to rest for 5 minutes. 
  • Add the flour in a large bowl or in the bowl of a stand mixer. Make a well in the center and pour in the olive oil and yeast mix. Slowly stir using a wooden spoon or a whisk. Once it’s just about combined, turn the dough out onto a leveled, clean work surface dusted with bread flour.
    (If you are using a stand mixer, proceed with the dough attachment and begin to knead on medium-low speed for 6-7 minutes or until the dough is stretchy but not sticky)
  • Use your hands (add pressure to the heel of your palm pushing forward) to knead the dough to a smooth consistency. This might take up to 12-15 minutes.
  • Place the dough in a lightly oiled mixing bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and allow to rest in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size, at least 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.
    Poke the dough to deflate it. Turn out onto a floured work surface. Divide dough into two or desired sizes.
    Use a rolling pin to roll out one dough ball into 12” diameter or as big as you want depending on the thickness of the pizza. 
    Sprinkle a tiny bit of semolina over a pizza pan or cast-iron skillet for an easy release. 
  • Place the dough on a pizza pan. The dough might retract.  Oil the tip of your fingers, and gently stretch the dough pulling outwards towards you. Use the tip of a fork to prick the dough slightly, careful not to poke through the dough. 
    Brush the edge of the dough with extra virgin olive oil
  • Next, preheat the oven to 450°F


  • Spread the shredded cheese onto the dough, leaving about an inch of crust around the edges. 
     Add the anchovy fillet, peppers, onion, and olives. Top with fresh mozzarella (Make sure to pat dry any excess liquid). Sprinkle a pinch of ground black pepper.
  • BAKE
    Bake for 12 -15 minutes, or until the crust begins to brown and turns crisp. Remove from the oven and finish it off with an arugula. Drizzle with a tiny bit of extra-virgin olive oil. Slice, and serve.




  • If you are using a pizza stone, make sure to preheat the stone for about 15-20 minutes before placing the pizza on the stone. 
  • Another option to bake the pizza is by using a cookie sheet, flip it backward, sprinkle a little cornmeal on it, and place the pizza over the pan.




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